Russian Voice Recording by Akademik

Russian Voice Recording

I will provide voice recording in Russian for a variety of projects, including audiobooks, instructional materials, DVD’s, radio and educational productions.

Foreign Voice Over

I have produced voice-over and voice recordings for narration, over-dubbing, radio voice-over, and a in the Russian language.

Whether you are with an advertising agency, a media production company, a broadcaster, or a corporate client, I have an excellent understanding of the localisation industry and deliver quality Russian voice recording or speaking voiceover solutions for your media.

Please send me your script, and I will provide you with an estimate for translation, voiceover, or both services.

Recording ‘The Little Prince’ in Moscow.

This photo was taken while I was interpreting simultaneously for France Ministry of Culture in Moscow theatre “Zhar Ptitsa“. 

We were doing voiceovers and staging a performance of The Little Prince in English and French. I recorded the part of the Rose.

Here is the recording of The Little Prince in English and, a recording in French