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Russian Interpreting

I am an experienced public service interpreter, working in both the public and private sectors.

I provide Russian interpreting services for meetings, conferences, and events, for clients looking for consecutive, simultaneous interpreting and liaison.

My experience spans twenty-eight years, providing specialist Russian-to-English and English-to-Russian language services. I provide cultural insight for my clients and serve as a bridge between the cultural gap between the two countries.

I have gained experience working with organisations such as the legal courts, police forces, and the NHS to mention but a few.

Do you have visitors you need to show around or is there a visit from a Russian delegation to your company, factory, or business? Utilising the services of a professional interpreter will magnify your efforts and be an excellent bridge between the parties. You will benefit from my impartial advice and courteous and attentive assistance. I will be as hands-on as you require, either taking the lead in any situation or discretely in the background as an aide. Client confidentiality is of paramount importance to my business; I will never discuss any interpreting work and respect each client’s privacy.

Following a stringent assessment by Asian Absolute, Akademik received the following feedback:

“I believe the highest possible score of our evaluation is 105 on all tests, you were scored 100 so that’s splendid!”
Simeon Vulev

As an interpreter and translation professional, I cover a range of solutions for my clients. Each solution is appropriate for different environments and circumstances. After speaking with you, I will advise which approach is best for you, including:

Face to face interpreting

Physically present at the meeting or appointment, I relay an interpreted version to the third party. Consecutive interpreting, used in situations such as medical appointments and confidential hearings. Simultaneous interpreting is more appropriate for larger audiences, such as international conferences.

Remote interpreting – video & telephone

Available at the other end of the phone or video link, you will be connected almost immediately. This cost-effective, fast-working solution, is ideal for situations when the need for interpreting arises with little notice and can be accessed any time of day, from anywhere, using any device. For a quick response, please contact me directly on:

07841 042830 or 01299 826761

Working across the UK, typically in London, the West Midlands, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Gloucestershire. I regularly travel to all regions within the UK for clients’ Russian interpreting services.

I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (029149) and NRPSI (13379).

Member of The National Register of Public Service Interpreters

Member of The Chartered Institute of Linguists

Please contact me if you’d like any further information.