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Russian Language Services

My name is Maria Williams and I’m a native Russian speaker from St Petersburg, where I qualified as a Teacher, Interpreter and Translator. My company ‘Akademik’ provides translations, interpreting and tutoring from Russian to English and English to Russian.

Since graduating with an MA in Philology from St Petersburg State University, I’ve built up a wealth of experience providing Russian-English translation, interpreting, tutoring and examining Russian GCSE and A-Level. My experience amounts to more than twenty-four years.

My language services provide you with the ability to communicate correctly. These skills are used to avoid errors that are usually put down to content being lost in translation. Russian language services play a unique role in how your message is conveyed, ensuring you are sending and receiving the correct information.

Nowadays, there are many computer translation Apps and services that have an instant turnaround. However, human translation offers an extra edge that an App cannot do. My language services provide the human touch, the fine details that are not necessarily written down or spoken, a more natural social interaction.

I’ve lived in the UK for over 15 years, setting up home in Stourport in the beautiful West Midlands.

I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (029149)
and National Register of Public Service Interpreters NRPSI (13379).

Member of The National Register of Public Service Interpreters

Member of The Chartered Institute of Linguists

Please contact me if you’d like any further information.

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